The Queen Anne Soccer Club is a non-profit, volunteer-led soccer club whose primary purpose is to promote and develop recreational soccer opportunities for the youth of Queen Anne community in Seattle, Washington.



Please read through registration information by clicking on the "REGISTRATION" link in the menu to the left before registering.

Club Email

If you are not receiving email updates from the club after having registered as a player or coach, please check your junk mail folder and spam filters. This is the number one cause of missing email. In addition, please do not ask to be removed from the club email list if you expect to receive future communications. This is the number two reason for emails not getting to our families. Thank you!

Volunteers Needed

We are all volunteers with full-time jobs. Please consider volunteering to help us. OPEN positions include:

Head Registrar

  1. Be responsible for proper annual registration of teams, players, and coaches with WSYSA and SYSA
  2. Be responsible for all insurance matters for the Club
  3. Assign registered players to teams
  4. Maintain records on all players registered with the Club
  5. Publish registration information to the Board

Assistant Registrar

  1. Assign registered players to teams for U6-U9 teams.
  2. Answer parent questions
  3. Help recruit coaches

Photo Coordinator

  1. Work with the Photo vendor to schedule Photo Day
  2. Orchestrate Photo Day


  1. Provide notice, act as parliamentarian, vote valid proxies and record the minutes of meetings of the members and the Board
  2. Handle correspondence and other communications for the Club
  3. Maintain the club in good standing with the State of Washington
  4. Distribute meeting notices

Website Manager

  1. Develop and maintain the website

Volunteer Coordinator

  1. Recruits volunteers for needed positions and tasks
  2. Helps recruit coaches

Neil Callahan Fund

Neil Callahan past away in December of 2007. He dedicated more than 10 years of his life to developing and enhancing programs for the Seattle Youth Soccer Association. He was passionate about recreational players having the same opportunities as select teams. Through much perseverance, his vision of creating a spring league for recreational players came to fruition. He was steadfast in his dedication to assuring that children were guaranteed an excellent experience in youth sports. More information about Neil and his tireless contribution to youth soccer is posted here. Contributions to the Scholarship Fund created in Neil's honor can be made here.

Contact Information:
Queen Anne Soccer Club
2212 Queen Anne Avenue North, PMB 606
Seattle, WA 98109